Course Objectives

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Course Objectives

Aims and Objectives

The four year Bachelor's course in optometry   has the following aims and objectives.

1.To prepare a cadre of optometrists as primary eye care professionals by institutional education clinical training. They can independently practice the profession and science of optometry in an optometry clinic, optical establishment or an eye hospital along with other medical professionals including ophthalmic surgeons.

2.To train optometry graduates who will be able to teach optometry at a school / college of optometry up further education and to research in ophthalmic field.

3.To train optometrists to independently perform the tasks of routine clinical eye examination including refraction, to detect any pathological disorders of the eye and system.

4.To train optometrists to independently prescribe all types of optical corrections including Spectacles, contact lens, low vision aids, vision therapy,eye exercises.

5.To be able to satisfy the needs of the ophthalmic industry as a whole.

The recommended course of teaching will lead to a basic degree in optometry and would be considered minimum essential for statutory registration of optometrists in countries, wherever optometry has been brought under legislation.

The syllabus aims at preparing an optometrists, who can practice independently or take up employment in eye establishment. An Optometrists may independently manage an optical establishment.