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Practical Knowledge

The College provides practical knowledge of various patients.

What is Optometry? :: Optometry is an independent vision care science which covers the examination of human eyes and visual system required for the estimation of errors of refraction, the fitting manufacturing and supply of optical aids.
Who is an Optometrist? :: An Optometrist is a Primary health care professional who is institutionally educated and clinically trained in the art and science of Optometry.
What does an Optometrist do? :: The Optometrist is required to 1. Examine the eyes and the visual system. 2. Diagnose the Visual problem. 3. Prescribe and provide corrective treatment in the form of spectacles, contact lenses, low vision aids, Orthoptics and vision therapy.



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College Of Optometry

Recognized by: Shri Ganapati Netralaya College of Optometary is affiliated with MUHS,Nashik

Next to life itself, God's most precious gift to mankind is sight, thus optometry has a vital role to play in the nation's health care system. Primarily ,the important function of eye care is entrusted to ophthalmology but the extent of the work involved in the field is so vast that it needs to be shared by other disciplines as well. while the ophthalmologists render specialized eye care involving surgery and therapeutic procedures, the optometrists are responsible for primary eye care. Like physicians and dentists, they are primary health care professionals. For a person, interested in a health career, optometry can be a rewarding profession

Scope and Career Options

There are many career options available to graduates as a result of their academic and clinical experience. An Optometrist can

1 .Practice independently / hospitals / clinic

2. Practice at optical establishments

3. Have excellent job opportunities overseas

Offer clinical services to multinationals dealing with the manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, and ophthalmic instruments. For those interested in higher studies, post graduation in the form of fellowships as well as MS and PhD Programmes are now available in the country.

Why Optometry ?

1. Opticians 50,000
2. Optometrists (Qualified) 4,000
3 Ophthalmic Surgeons 16,000
4 Ophthalmic Assistants (Qualified) 4,000
In short, we have only 54,000 professionals to render eye care to a huge population of 1 billion. The optical trade alone needs at last 10,000 optometrists to service the dispensing optical outlets