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Chairman Sir

Dr. B.R. Barwale (Chairman)

Dr. B. R. Barwale was born in Hingoli, Maharashtra on Ganesh Chaturthi in 1931. He got involved in the Freedom Movement of India and therefore could not continue his College Education. With the influence of institutions like Indian Agricultural Research Institute and Rockefeller Foundation, he established Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited in 1964 and thus became a doyen of the Seed Industry in India

As a recognition for his "superior accomplishments in developing the role of private sees enterprise in India, Dr. Barwale was aptly felicitated with 12th World Food Prize in 1998. The President of India awarded him with Padma Bhushan Award in 2001 for his distinguished service of high order in the field of Trade and Economic Activity.

Chairman In 1996, he received the prestigious award of Honorary Life Membership of FIS which is the International Apex body of the Seed Industry. In addition, he received recognition and award from Marathi Vignan Parishad in the year November 1973 and he was entitled as Father of Seed Industry in India for his outstanding work by Crop Science Society of America.

Business Week recognized him as The Star of Asia on June 14, 1999. On 14 th March 2002, he received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science ( Honoris Causa ) from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. And also, Dr. Barwale received several awards from different organizations like NGOs, G.O.I. and professional associations. Dr. B. R. Barwale is very keen to work with NGO's for elimination of hunger & poverty particularly so in rural areas. Is very keen to see the spread of education in rural population and particularly so of the girls.

He has contribution and is contributing for food and nutritional security of the rural masses through agricultural production, employment generation and all application of science and technology. Dr. Barwale's other main mission in life is to provide the best care for the eyes. Getting inspiration from the famous Sankara Netralaya in Chennai, he established, about a decade ago, the now famous Shri Ganapati Netralaya in Jalna, Maharashtra. This is the world class facility, was built in an area of 7.5 acres of land with 141 beds, 36 fully equipped consulting rooms, 9 Operation theatres, fully equipped pathology laboratory, cafeteria, auditorium, classrooms, pharmacy and other amenities.mber 2009 in anesthesia department. She has attended many national and state level anesthesia conferences..