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Dr. Shilpa Shivajirao Chate (Aneshtesia Consutant)

Designation :Consultant in department of anesthesiology since 2006

Qualification:orbis fellowship in paediatric opthalmic anaesthesia (Sankara Netralaya), M.B.B.S. D.A (1st class)

Working days : 6 Days of week (from Monday to Saturday): 09:00AM to 05:30PM

Training / Other experience
Sub-specialty: Paediatric Anaesthesia , Geriatric Anaesthesia,Aneshesia in challeged cases like congenital heart diseases in infants, cerebral palsies in children & various syndromic cases, Resusitation measures in operative enviornment

Further Interests: Dr. Shilpa has done orbis opthalmic paediatric fellowship at sankara Netralaya , Chennai in 2006 Peior to that she has done her undergraduate training in medicine & Anaesthesiology from Govt. Medical Colleage , Aurangabad & then postgraduate training in Anaesthesiology from S.R.T.R. Medical colleage, Ambejogai. She has adequate exposure of giving Anaesthesia in all types of cases during postgratuate training programmme after completing fellowship in paediatric anaesthesiology she immediately started serving at Shri Ganapati Netralaya from 1 Augest 2006, She is the one of Anaesthesiologists there , Who started practicising neonatal Anaesthesia & Anaesthsia in infants.Since 2006,She has practicised Anaesthesia in various congenital heart diseased babies, anaemic babies, cerebral hypoxic babies & even mentally retarded children. Her further interest of studies to focus on premature babies & Anesthetic challenges in premature & IUGR babies as well as microaphalic infants. She had done sucessfully anesthetic practice in geriatric age group, patients also with various co-morbities like DM, HTN and imapaired cardiac output patients.Hypertensive crisis management during opthamic surguries as well as various local Anaesthetic reactions , Anaphylatic reaction, Toxicity reactions are well managed at day to day practice. In such senario Newer Antihypertensive druges, cardiac durges are topics of interest for her. Newer Anaesthetic durges implication & Smoother & Sophisticated Anesthtic drugs of choices are further added interest in Anaesthesiology for her