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Procedure of eye donation

The Eye bank at Shri Ganapati Netralaya is situated in the Cornea Department. You may enquire about the eye donation on 02482-1919 at Shri Ganapati Netralaya JALNA (Maharashtra). There are three other eye banks located in Delhi and many more all over the country.Contact us  by phone or personal visit and we will register your pledge to donate eyes and will provide you with an eye donation card. It is preferable if all the members of the family pledge their eyes together.  However any person can individually pledge eyes at any time in his / her life. The eyes of a deceased person can also be donated whether he / she has pledged the eyes in his /her life or not. Under the law, relatives of the deceased can donate his/ her eye provided he/ she (the deceased) had never spoken against eye donation. You can help this happen. Let Eye Donation be your family tradition. Donate eyes of your dearest. Age does not matter. The eyes of the deceased of any age can be donated whether he/ she has pledged the eyes or not. For Eye donation call nearest Eye Bank (or 1919 in Delhi)

You can donate eyes

Fortunately lost sight can be restored through the medical intervention of corneal transplantation through the donated eyes. Almost any one of any age can pledge to donate his / her eyes after death
It does not matter even if

1. You 1 wear glasses
2. You are hypertensive
3. You are diabetic, or
4. You have undergone any eye surgery

The ultimate decision about usage for transplantation is made after evaluation by a specialist. The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous. However, the family of the donor should be satisfied that the eyes have been used for noble cause of giving vision to the blind. What could be a greater donation than donating the eyesight, enabling the blind to see the vividity of the world !

How eye donation works

The eyes have to be removed within six to eight hours to death; therefore the nearest eye bank or eye collection centre must be informed of the death immediately.
If someone unfortunately dies in your family or friend circle, remember to call the nearest Eye Bank. This can be done irrespective of whether the deceased had pledged his / her eyes or not.
Switch off fans, keep air conditioner or cooler running and place wet cotton with ice over the closed eyelids. It will help keep the tissue moist . Raise head with a pillow.
The donor need not to be taken to the eye bank. The eye bank team will come to take the eyes wherever the donor is. We will not charge for this service.
10 cc of blood sample is collected from the donor for testing.
The eyes are removed by a trained person using sterile procedure. Removal of eyes is a simple procedure and it does not take a long time. It causes no scar or disfigurement of the face
On reaching the eye bank eyes are evaluated, stored and used for a corneal transplant surgery.
The donated eyes will be transplanted on the patients who are on the waiting list in accordance with the priority. Eye donation gives sight to two blind persons as one blind person receives one donated eye.
The donated eyes are never bought or sold. Request for eye donation is always attended to.
The recipient of corneal will always remain anonymous but the donor family should be satisfied knowing that the eyes have been used to restore the vision of two blind persons.

"Sight Ambassador"

Dial nearest Eye Bank (STD Code No + 1919 )
Soon after unfortunate death of your near & dear one consent to donate the eyes.
Motivate family members of the person who has died in your area
Spread information about eye donation
Your word of mouth will help the movement
Make yourself a friend of Eye Bank